15 04, 2015

Breaking Down the Content Silos of Medical Information

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Meet Molly.

Molly is a medical writer for a large pharmaceutical company. She is educated, well paid, and is responsible for a number of medical content related activities. Molly really likes her job. Her largest motivation is having a hand in medical documentation that ranges from clinical information all the way to published articles. However, Molly’s greatest challenge is maintaining content consistency and compliance. With the massive amount of medical information available, this quickly becomes a tedious task. Further, Molly fully understands the dire consequences if her content is wrong. Particularly with respect to standard responses where errors or omissions can result in a poor healthcare professional experience, regulatory fines, and even compromise patient safety.

Molly has noticed a pattern: although she authors content relating to medical information, there is also a lot of input from other areas. She must collect information from the drug discovery phase, incorporate unexpected events from the field, and make all this available in a variety of medical […]

10 03, 2015

The Inside Scoop on the Best Content Strategy, Part 2

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In the last section
In the first part of this series, we learned what a content strategy is and how components can be incorporated to enhance all-things-content. Check back with part one to understand best practices for finding, reusing, and delivering content. If that hasn’t already persuaded you to re-evaluate the content strategy in your organization, this will.

Here is why you need a component content strategy:
The Risk of NOT having a content strategy
Thinking about your own company, how is content accessed or shared across departments? How does Sales manage and create their materials? What about Customer Training, or any other department for that matter? More often than not, the answer is that content critical materials are created within these departments independently of one another. The same content is written and rewritten, over and over again in each department isolated from other parts of the company. These divisions, also known as silos, trap content within their materials never […]

29 01, 2015

The Inside Scoop on the Best Content Strategy, Part 1

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I am a small business. I do not have hundreds of writers or multitudes of reviewers that large companies have. I use Microsoft Word; I email versions of documents for my colleagues to review – one after the other; and I store my finished documents on a file system or Dropbox, or sometimes even on my local machine! This is my content strategy and it works for my business albeit sometimes it is hard to find things.

If, however, you are an enterprise and you do have many writers and reviewers, and you are using a content strategy like mine, you have a problem. A BIG Problem! And this problem will manifest itself as huge inefficiencies, wasted time and inconsistent content.

But don’t fret, you’re not alone – the whole world has a content problem! This is because many enterprises use a strategy like mine, instead of a unified enterprise content strategy. I decided to research […]

16 12, 2014

What a Year It Has Been!

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Another year has passed and as we approach the holidays we would like to take this opportunity to look back and reflect on a few things. In particular, the progress we’ve made, our accomplishments, our challenges, and what this all means for the year ahead.

So to help us reflect, I sat down with Paul Trotter, Author-it Founder and CEO, to get his perspective on the past year.

What have we improved for our clients?

Author-it is a solution-focused company. To deliver a solution it is critical that we understand the problems we are trying to solve. Obviously corporate level issues are paramount but we also need to consider the day to day issues that our authors, contributors and reviewers might experience as they try to accomplish their work. To this end, we have invested heavily in our design and user experience (UX) team. We have been working to make our UX […]

3 11, 2014

Author-it is going to Europe

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Why Author-it is hitting up the largest TechComm Convention and who should care
(Look out for the surprise Dr. Seuss twist)

What is it?

Tekom and tcworld dominate the technical communication (techcomm) industry. Tekom, as the largest professional association for the industry, brings together the various companies across the globe to create industry collaboration. Tcworld, an e-magazine platform, focuses on the industry’s toughest problems in their cutting edge articles. Coming together for this annual conference, the two organizations are creating a force of opportunity for the participants, exhibitors, and speakers.


Are YOU going to the Tekom ’14 Conference?

It might be said that this is the event of the year to attend. That this is the event that anyone who is someone in the industry will be at. But who is that?
A description, Dr. Seuss-style:
Calling all Technical Communication Companies:
This conference is for people, companies, and more. It will not be a bore.
You will find […]

10 05, 2014

Life Sciences

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The Intelligent Content Life Sciences event was held in our backyard at San Francisco this week. Organized by Ann Rockley of the Rockley Group and Scott Abel, Content Wrangler this was a great opportunity for us to meet people from Life Sciences organizations, discuss the challenges they face and how we might deliver value.

Our Founder and CEO, Paul Trotter spoke to a packed audience on Global Reuse of Medical Information and Improved Customer Experiences while I did a short presentation on our business and how we are supporting the Life Sciences industries. Patrick Welsh, VP Vertical Solutions Life Sciences rounded out our team for the event.

Although it was small at around 100 attendees, I thought the interest in exploring best practice content strategies and intelligent content was strong. The attendees seemed to be very aware of the content challenges that they face but this is balanced by the fact […]

5 05, 2014

Visit By New Zealand Government

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From left: John Bryan NZTE, Steve Davis President Author-it, Paul Stocks Deputy Chief Executive MBIE, Adam Bennett NZTE, Karla Falloon MBIE and Micaela Buckley MBIE

Author-it has always enjoyed a positive relationship with the government of our homeland, New Zealand (NZ). As a small island nation, NZ is heavily reliant on exports to fuel its economy. The NZ Government has recognized this and is very supportive of companies engaged in exporting and growing into international markets. They have set up advisory and networking services in our major markets including the US and we have been able to take advantage of this support over the years as we have built our global business.

As part of the ongoing support we have been privileged to host government officials such as the Honorable Amy Adams, Minister for Communications and IT, Peter Crisp, Chief Executive of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), and last week, […]

27 12, 2013

Ending the Year With a Bang

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—Paul Trotter

In 2012, Author-it invested heavily in Research and Development and released Author-it Cloud, our Author-it Saas offering. This year, we followed our success with the release of Author-it 6 On Premises.

2013 was a monumental year for Author-it in many ways. We welcomed a significant number of new clients into the Author-it family, both on Author-it Cloud and Author-it On Premises. To accommodate our growing number of European Author-it Cloud clients, we opened a third Author-it data center in Europe to compliment our data centers in Florida and Texas. The result…our subscriptions revenue this year has grown over 200%, and our growth into next year looks even more positive.

To accelerate our growth, we took a round of funding in July that has allowed us to invest significantly in building our team and growing our business. To accommodate this growth, we moved to larger offices in San Jose and opened […]

13 02, 2013

Getting Your Plugins and Extensions

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New process for submitting your Author-it Cloud plugins for review

With the launch of Author-it Cloud more than a year ago, Author-it Software Corporation took the first key steps toward the future of collaborative, fully web-based Enterprise Authoring. Many of you have joined us on this journey, but there are also some customers and partners who’ve been unable to move to Author-it Cloud due to previous restrictions on customizations such as plugins and extensions. Today, we’re announcing a new process for getting these types of customizations up and running in Author-it Cloud.

To ensure the security and data integrity of the information you’ve entrusted to us, as well as the performance of the service for all our customers, plugin and extension developers will need to submit their code for review by our development team. Once approved, our IT team will upload your plugins and extensions to the Author-it Cloud servers on […]

19 08, 2012

The Future of Cloud Computing

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I recently presented a session on Cloud Computing at the 2012 Society for Technical Communications (STC) conference in Chicago. At the session, I went into some detail on our perspective on Cloud Computing and also how it specifically relates to Software as a Service (SaaS) and of course, to Author-it Cloud. The key message that I was trying to get across is “Cloud is now and Cloud is the future”. Five years from now we will all be using some form of Cloud infrastructure and taking advantage of a myriad of SaaS offerings. There are obviously concerns. This is only natural as we go through such a step change in the way we work with enterprise software. Having said that, the benefits in almost every case vastly outweigh the concerns when viewed objectively.

North Bridge Growth Equity Venture Partners, a prominent Silicon Valley investor in Cloud and SaaS, recently released […]