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Leverage Information to Meet Business Needs

Author-it's purpose-built component authoring solution for Life Sciences helps companies achieve what most successful enterprises do in the 21st century: leverage information to meet business needs.

By revolutionizing the way information is created, collaborated and delivered, Author-it helps you increase productivity, efficiency and reliability of your content.

Empower Your Content Creators with Our Solution

COLLABORATE on new or modified content in real-time with multiple authors

SHARE AND REUSE mission critical and accurate information across the entire organization

GAIN CONSISTENCY and accuracy from a single source of information

PUBLISH TO MULTIPLE CHANNELS for varied audience consumption

LOCALIZE faster, easier, and cheaper


    Write once.  Reuse many times.  Translate to any language.  Publish to any output.


Write once. Reuse many times. Translate to any language. Publish to any output.

Our Unique Approach

Author-it's core philosophy to improve information development is components. Components are chunks of information that make up documents. By authoring content in components instead of documents, information is able to be shared and reused across the entire organization, promoting consistent messaging, up to date information and increased productivity. Following Why Components is a guide to building a unified enterprise with a component authoring platform. This is the true objective with a component content strategy.

Why Components?

We invite you to learn more about the immense benefits and return companies can experience when using components.

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Solutions for Your Industry


Author-it is purpose-built for solving information and content challenges in the areas of Life Sciences, and HighTech & Manufacturing. When information originates in Author-it, components can be reused, flowing seamlessly through the entire content life cycle to break down the silos that separate your organization. With these solutions, you can dramatically increase productivity, reduce time to market, improve customer experience, reduce regulatory risk and recognize substantial cost savings.

Which solution is best for you?

Benefiting from Best Practices

Author-it is able to provide a revolutionary tool because of its platform that encompasses industry best practices.

Suggestive Reuse

Suggestive Reuse is key when needing to find specific components of content. Author-it Xtend® technology brings component to the author with enhanced findability and intuitive search optimization within the Enterprise Library. Content that the writer doesn’t even know exists will be found, unlocking the collective productivity of the enterprise, providing greater accuracy and consistency throughout the organization.

Real Time Review

Real Time Review with Author-it Reviewer allows multiple authors to collaborate at the same time to make changes, add comments, or enter new content. By tracking changes that are made in Reviewer, an audit trail is created to ensure the copy is always up-to-date, compliant, and accurate.

Component Content Management

Component Content Management is Author-it’s main premise for effective content reuse. By working with components, writers are able to increase component findability, relay content changes to all instances of reuse, and ensure accuracy for every document utilizing specific components.

Importing Content

Importing Content is easy with Author-it. No matter where your content originated from, you can import it into Author-it and being your component authoring methods. Author-it imports from Print, HTML, Help, RTF, FrameMaker, RoboHelp, and XML and others to make sure the end to end authoring process is easy for you.

Localization & Translation

Localization & Translation can get expensive fast! Often times, translation is charged per word. Author-it Localization Manager uses translation memory and reuse capability so you only translate what you need- not entire documents. This saves costs and time!

Multi-Channel Publishing

Multi-Channel Publishing allows for users to publish content in Author-it to any source. With numerous outputs and unique publishing profiles, users can utilize a variety of publishing sources without the required knowledge of each.

Structured Authoring

Structured Authoring is an approach that enables enterprises to maintain consistency of messaging across all documents.

Data Center

Data Center is the hub for document safety and availability. Be it security & disaster recovery, performance & scalability, or monitoring, the Data Center ensures good health for your Author-it platform.

Plug-ins & Extensions

Plug-ins & Extensions allow users to integrate their content creation to a variety of end outlets to expand the capabilities of Author-it to work best for you