The PDF ProCSS Advantage: A How-to Demonstration

This how-to webinar walks you through the setup process and demonstrates the advantages of using PDF ProCSS to create a high-quality, high-resolution print-targeted output to PDF.

Author-it’s PDF ProCSS is a faster, more versatile, more reliable way to produce a print-targeted PDF output combining the very latest in XML, HTML5, and CSS formatting technology. This sophisticated output bypasses Microsoft Word processing, making it ideal for publishing large documents fast.

And what’s more, it’s already included in your Author-it Cloud subscription. No strings attached.

PDF ProCSS is a better alternative to Word. Why?

  • Way faster than Word – reducing publishing times by up to 95%
    Better formatting, with the full power and flexibility of CSS
    Better pagination and layouts control
  • More consistent and predictable results
  • Excellent for small or large documents (like thousands of pages large)

Learn all about how you can save time, reduce hassles, and increase your output by moving from Word to PDF ProCSS.

Download the PDF version here.