Pharma & Biotech

I need to improve time-to-market, adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and ensure patient safety.


I need to be agile in my product development to keep up with evolving market and regulatory demands.


I need to shorten my product lifecycles and ensure information is consistent and up-to-date throughout the company across all languages.

Components: Solving the Content Problem

In the Life Sciences well-managed content is critical to the production of new drugs and medical devices. But all this content represents a large, complex mass of information. How do you ensure that the right information is consistently used in the right places? With Author-it, the answer is through the use of content components.

Break Content Silos with Information Reuse

Help your team work smarter, not harder.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Lower Labor Costs

Component Content Management

Content Importing

Authoring and Content Reuse

Workflow Tools

Real-time Collaborative Reviewing

Dynamic Publishing

Multi-channel Publishing

Translation and Localization

Security and Administration

Our Component Content Strategy

Tom Erber explains how to take a smarter approach to devise and implement the best content strategy.


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