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KISS Your Pharma Content Problems Goodbye

Have you heard Tracy Rockney speak? Tracy is dynamic, fun and passionate about the pharmaceutical industry business issues you all face. Come join us this November in Philadelphia to hear Tracy Rockney, co-Founder of OneSource Regulatory and respected regulatory leader in the pharmaceutical industry, discuss innovations that speed time to market for your products on a global scale. Creation and management of medical information makes up 25% of the cost and is a huge time drain on product launch, roll-out and maintenance across your portfolio. Tracy will discuss breakthrough ideas and real solutions.

Tracy Rockney J.D.  |  Co-founder & Managing Partner at OneSource Regulatory

Tracy Rockney J.D. Tracy Rockney is a respected regulatory leader with more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She is the Co-founder and Managing Partner at OneSource Regulatory, a consulting firm specializing in Regulatory Advertising & Promotion, Medical Review, Labeling Development and Healthcare Compliance. Her senior regulatory management experience included her role as Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Global Labeling, Advertising & Promotion, Regulatory Policy & Intelligence at AbbVie (formerly Abbott Pharmaceuticals), Senior Director, Global Regulatory Affairs at Shire Pharmaceuticals, Director, Regulatory Affairs at Wyeth, and Director, Global Regulatory Strategy at Pfizer. Tracy received her Juris Doctor from Washburn University School of Law, and her Bachelor of Arts from the University at Albany, State University of New York, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy. Tracy is a board advisor and Regulatory Officer in Residence for Doctor Evidence, a specialty software platform and services company that transforms clinical studies, drug labeling and epidemiological databases into reusable dynamic relational databases.