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Guest Speakers

Tracy Rockney
Co-founder & Managing Partner at OneSource Regulatory

Donna Beccaria
Executive Director, WW Medical Content Bristol-Myers Squibb

Michael S. Rocco, PharmD
Director, Business Planning and Communication (Medical Information – Americas) Pfizer Inc.

David Gwyn
Head, Technology Practices - Navitas, Inc.

Anthony Di Stefano
Director, Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences R&D Advisory Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC

Bruce Lotier
Managing Partner & Founder, TransAccel Group

Patrick Reilly
Board of Director, PhaCT-MI

John Jones
Life Sciences IT Strategist and Entrepreneur

Ellen Kelso  
Head of Global Trends and Futuring at Knowledge Sharing and Engagement, LLC

Debra McNaughton
Senior Director, Global Labeling Management

Ash Srivastava
Technical Expert, DOC Label

Ben Deblasi
Medical Content Standards Manager

Eric Silverman
Global Medical Tower Lead | Associate Director, Life & Operations |Research & Development Information Technology Bristol-Myers Squibb

Brian J Slizgi
Manager | Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences R&D Advisory Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC

Jim Averback
President of Life Science Integration Partners

Author-it Speakers

George Northup
Chief Executive Officer and Board Member

Steve Owens
Senior Vice President, Product

Brian Nace
Senior Vice President, Client Success

John Porter
Director Commercial Solutions, Life Sciences

Tom Erber
Director of Content Strategies, Life Sciences

Ray Dixon
Senior Sales Engineer

Susie Winn
Senior Consultant, Localization Author-it Software Corporation