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Making it Easier to Create and Maintain Scientific Content

Come hear Michael share how Pfizer is revolutionizing content creation and maintenance by allowing for easy reuse of content. This talk will unveil a worldwide strategy optimizing global and local resources through the reuse of content regardless of who created it.

Michael will present Pfizer’s journey to date on this vision starting from market research through proof-of-concept to pilot. Come hear how one company is tackling some of pharma’s most critical medical and scientific content challenges:

  • What if technology enables you to update the same content that existed in multiple documents by updating it in only one place?
  • What if you created content once and were able to use it automatically via multiple formats (e.g., printed documents, websites, mobile devices, e-mail)?
  • How do you evaluate your medical and scientific content to determine the potential benefit of the change?

Michael S. Rocco, PharmD  |  Director, Business Planning and Communication (Medical Information – Americas) Pfizer Inc.

Michael is the Director of Business Planning and Communication for Pfizer Medical Information in the Americas where he oversees regional projects and budgets collaborating with regional leads to define Medical Information’s global strategy.

Michael earned Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from St John’s University and began his career practicing community pharmacy in independent and chain pharmacies.  In 1997, he joined Lyons Lavey Nickel Swift providing various medical information services such as scientific research, medical writing, project management, and web publishing for the pharmaceutical industry as well as internal teams.  In this role, he was integral in deploying Pfizer’s first internal Medical Information website.  In 2001, Michael joined Pfizer’s Global Medical Information Services group where he served in roles that led the department’s efforts in globalizing training, quality standards, and relationship management. 

In 2009, he joined Pfizer’s External Medical Communications’ Business Operations team where he managed the current U.S. Medical Information platforms and served as a key member of the team that deployed Pfizer’s first global Medical Information platform enabling the department to more easily share information, resources, and work-load globally.  In 2014, he served on the team that deployed a regional Medical Information contact center that supports most of Latin America.  Michael has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Long Island University.