Rob Vance

Chief Technology Officer


About Rob

Rob is a software product and services development executive with over 25 years of technical, operational, and systems development expertise. Rob has an extensive track record of successfully building, delivering, and operating high-volume, technology-based solutions in a variety of organizations and industries. Rob has held technical leadership positions in both Fortune 500 and early stage companies, and contributed to major initiatives at Rosetta Stone, AOL, IDX, MSNBC, CompuServe, and H&R Block.

Most recently, Rob was CTO at ALSTOM Grid where he was responsible for core architecture innovation, definition, and adoption by internal and external customers, and worked closely with R&D, Product Marketing, Strategy, Software Engineering, and Operations to create a modern, “smart grid”-ready platform vision.

Prior to joining ALSTOM Grid, Rob spent five years with Rosetta Stone where he was Vice President of Software Development and Executive Producer Platforms and was responsible for the architecture and development of the cloud‐based platform used by the entire Rosetta Stone product line. Among his accomplishments while at Rosetta Stone, Rob led the development and launch of three new products, designed and architected a major refresh of the Rosetta Stone CD software, established iOS and Android product teams, and led the transformation of Rosetta Stone products to a web-based services platform.

Rob and his family live and play in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.