Paul Trotter


About Paul

Paul is the Founder of Author-it Software Corporation and the architect of the Author-it product. Author-it was born out of the frustrations that Paul experienced producing documentation in the Telecommunications industry. His vision was to actually solve the problems that content writers face rather than just to provide a cure for the symptoms. The result was Author-it; a product built from the ground up around principles such as topic based writing, single sourcing and separating content from format. Over a decade and five major releases later, these principles remain true of Author-it today and are the basis of the success of the company.

Regarded as a visionary within the industry, Paul is a popular speaker at events all over the world on topics ranging from technical writing and help authoring to content management and localization. Today, Paul continues to drive the product vision for Author-it, applying his problem solving talents to the day to day issues that people face in creating, managing and delivering content. This vision has seen the development of world leading technologies such as Author-it Cloud.