Paul Trotter

Founder & SVP of Technical Publications


About Paul


At the age of 19, Paul Trotter envisioned a better way for content writers to produce documentation based on his continual frustration with the process. So, he did what most teenagers do when they’re frustrated: he set out to transform the creation of documentation by building his own company. The result was Author-it Software: a product built from the ground up around the principles of topic-based writing, single sourcing and separating content from format. Over the next few years, Paul would take the small New Zealand-based company through global expansion, positioning it as an innovative world leader in component authoring solutions.


After spending over 20 years as the CEO and product visionary of Author-it, Paul stepped away from the daily operations of the company to pursue his passion of guiding young entrepreneurs to success within the startup community. Active in governance, Paul continued to serve on Author-it’s board, along with a handful of others, while focusing on investing in local technology companies.


Thankfully, he couldn’t stay away. Paul rejoined the company in April of 2019 and continues to drive the product vision for Author-it, applying his problem-solving talents to the day to day issues that people face in creating, managing and delivering content while leading operations, sales and management of Author-it Cloud Technical Publications and eLearning solutions.


Paul lives in Rothesay Bay with his partner, Helen, who is patiently teaching him German, and the joys of sensible footwear. He is a father of four, and if that weren’t enough to keep him busy, he’s a rugby referee for North Harbour, and coaches both junior rugby and basketball.