Innovation Council

Author-it has strategically aligned themselves
with the following innovation council partners to complement
and strengthen our current portfolio of solutions.


Innovation Council Charter


With countless millions still being spent on systems to manage documents and files, the Life Sciences industry struggles with inefficiencies, human errors, low visibility and the high costs of maintaining this status quo. These documents and files are critical to drug development and commercialization, but the various ways in which they are managed creates a significant drain on time, resources and budget.

Recognizing an opportunity to facilitate collaboration among thought leaders, Author-it has convened an Innovation Council to assess best practices, feasibility and the business benefits of a better approach.  This council will bring together some of the best minds in the industry to objectively test legacy assumptions and discuss approaches to innovative improvement.

Value Proposition

The goal of the Council is to tackle one of Biopharma’s biggest problems, the inefficiency of managing information across functional areas for the lifecycle of drug development. Each council member is invited to collaborate and have the opportunity to:

•    Determine feasibility and methods to overcome barriers to improvement
•    Share feedback on Author-it product user experience and prototypes
•    Participate and receive the anonymous results of peer-benchmarking and surveys
•    Receive ideal global information flow covering drug development process from conception to commercialization

Author-it Commitment

•    Coordinate and facilitate Innovation Council collaborative activities
•    Drive consensus on roadmap
•    Invest in prioritized roadmap

Member Commitment

•    Cadence:  90 minutes quarterly with one annual in-person meeting
•    Follow-up face-to-face cross-departmental assessment meetings (deeper analysis of survey findings)
•    SME observation with the purpose of designing solutions that maximize efficiency
•    Leveraging prior industry thought leadership to map critical information
•    Sharing results for personal, professional and company-wide benefit
•    Participation in the formation of key milestones related to 1-3 year roadmap to build the Author-it platform and    configurable vertical solutions

Member Roles

•    Innovation Council Lead
•    Clinical
•    Institutional Review Board
•    Quality
•    Chemical Manufacturing and Control
•    Regulatory Operations
•    Regulatory Strategy
•    Regulatory Labeling
•    Medical Affairs/MSL
•    Medical Communications
•    HEOR/Market Access
•    Pharmacovigilance
•    Patient Access
•    Commercial


The Author-it solution is a component authoring system facilitating the creation of core information that can be reused across multiple content types and global distribution channels.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of the Life Sciences industry so they can achieve optimal business benefit from the information they manage.


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