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Learning content development is being turned on its head. The desire to improve efficiency and rapidly adapt to learner’s needs, as well as the constant increase in the amount of training content required, drives organizations to create more agile and intelligent chunks of learning content.

Content strategy is maturing in the modern enterprise. Smart organizations are looking for ways to support content re-use between different departments to foster quality improvement, shorten time-to-market and improve user or client experience across all content channels.


Author-it Training & eLearning supports component-based content re-use between different document sets fostering quality improvement, shortening time-to-market and improving user experience across all learning content channels. Rapid development is achieved by separating course content from the course delivery mode. Content is authored and managed as small, discrete Learning Objects that can be dragged and dropped into as many course structures as required. The Learning Objects are output independent and the solution creates all training modalities from the single course structure, be it classroom training material, self-paced training, online learning for any SCORM LMS, mobile learning, presentations, customer support sites, application help files, Salesforce®, SharePoint® and more.

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  • Blended Learning Publish a curriculum to multiple channels, supporting different learner types, delivery modes and project budgets.
  • Intelligent Content  Assign metadata to learning components, defining and refining content to respond to the learner's context.
  • Sales and Field Enablement  Support On-demand learning, giving users just the content they need to achieve their goals.
  • Competency  Assemble custom learning curricula to support unique requirements manually, or automatically from a Competency Management System.

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Case Study

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