In today's high-tech world, companies are asked to do more with less, cheaper and faster. Companies must adapt to shorter product life cycles and greater variations rendering older authoring, translation and publishing processes ineffective.

High tech companies face the challenge of increasing efficiency while maintaining content accuracy amidst language and time zone barriers that can impede product delivery schedules.


Author-it Cloud for TechComms is the complete solution for Technical Communications professionals developing user assistance, product manuals, help systems and knowledge bases. This solution enables you to transform your content into valued, business supporting asset which can be leveraged throughout your organization.

This ability to reuse content across multiple content models without complicated transformations helps you to realize the true value of your contribution and drives revenue, reduces costs, improves productivity and mitigates risk.



  • Collaboration Effortlessly collaborate and distribute core information company-wide to any location.

  • Security of data and information Permissions-based access ensures all sensitive data can only be accessed and audited appropriately.

  • Operational efficiency Increase your information and data utilization while reducing operational costs through consolidation and re-use. Remove duplication of effort.

  • Reduce Localization costs Ensure you only translate updated content.

  • Increased automation Manage documentation efficiently by using automated workflows, templates, and branding.

  • Speed to market Reduce time-to-market by streamlining documentation processes. Product variations easily supported through content reuse.

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Case Study

Manufacturer: Global Consumer Products Company

Case Study

Technology: Global Manufacturing and Technology Company