Case Studies
Our clients have seen measurable results using Author-it in their business - results that include:

  • increases in top-line revenue to
  • increased customer satisfaction to
  • substantially reduced operating costs.

If you would like to know what they managed to achieve then delve into our selection of Case Studies from industries that range from technology to consumer products to manufacturing and more, by clicking below.

White Papers
The team at Author-it includes a number of thought leaders in the respective fields in which our clients operate. We've asked these team members to create papers summarizing issues ranging from:

  • what component management is, to
  • why localization issues matter and
  • why you would consider moving to a SaaS platform. 

You can learn from the best by browsing the library of white papers, by clicking below.

For those that prefer their information presented visually, we've included some videos explaining key concepts such as Component Management from strategy to solution. To view these videos click below.

The Author-it team regularly attend conferences, summits and more. We'd love to meet you in person to talk about how Author-it products can work in your business. Catch up with where the team is next on our Events page.