Author-it Honeycomb: a new way to develop and publish eLearning

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Leverage the power of your existing documentation and create responsive HTML5 eLearning/mobile training materials

  • Leverage your existing internal documentation to easily create, manage and publish high-quality, interactive HTML5, self-paced learning material

  • Easily turn Microsoft Word documents into interactive, eLearning courses and assessments

  • Deliver a full curriculum, or micro-learning opportunities for a specific task or goal

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Deliver Training in the format users want

  • Staff and clients access responsive training materials online via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices

  • Training can be accessed at the time and place of the learner’s choosing using a standard web server or an LMS/LRS

  • Easily assign content interactions and assessments for quick navigation of engaging, HTML5 eLearning material


Standardize the Quality of your educational content

  • Access powerful templates to ensure high standards and consistency across all devices

  • Import wizard corrects inconsistencies in the original document but structure remains intact

  • Apply structure and template controls so interactions aid the learner to get the information they need

  • Provide intuitive cloud-based collaboration for SMEs to contribute and review in realtime

  • Manage all source material in one place, then preview, import and publish via various outputs

  • Utilize built in translation and localization to automate multi-lingual training delivery

  • Supports SCORM, Tin Can/xAPI


Reduce the time and effort required to deliver quality training

  • Author-it Honeycomb delivers your training to those who need it, when they need it, where they need it

  • Easily update entire libraries of training material with a few clicks

  • Publish high quality learning content in hours rather than weeks

  • Improve productivity and reduce costs for collaboration between documentation and eLearning teams

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Become an industry pioneer by working with an industry pioneer

  • Work with an industry pioneer for over a decade trusted by more than 500 clients around the globe

  • Fortune 100 organizations trust us to drive down production costs, reduce time to market and increase revenues

  • Use eLearning and mLearning to grow your business, and turn your content into a revenue producing asset


Want to make the most of increase the value of your current documentation and training material? Contact us today to see a Demo of your content in Author-it Honeycomb!


+ Do you have videos I can watch?

  • Honeycomb: Demonstration Webinar .... see how you can create responsive HTML5 online training from any content source. During this interactive webinar you’ll see how simple and fast it is to take existing content and transform it into instructional design that can be delivered on multiple device types.
  • Honeycomb: Word to Mobile Learning Introduction .... watch how Author-it takes a standard Word document and creates compelling eLearning content that a user can interact with on mobile or desktop. Content can be hosted on Author-it servers, your webservers or within your LMS. The content is SCORM, Tin Can/xAPI compliant.

+ Do you have any articles I can read?

  • How Do I Turn My Technical Content into Educational Content? .... you have a full library of technical material to support your new product offer. How can you use this resource to build an educational offer? A good deal of the existing content can be reused – perhaps up to 90% of it could be reused over a curriculum spanning several training courses.