Honeycomb: a new way to develop and publish eLearning

A responsive HTML5 content product for eLearning, mobile-learning and assessments. Honeycomb transforms day-to-day operations by giving you the ability to take existing internal documentation and easily create and publish HTML5 self-paced, multi-lingual eLearning content that can be accessed online via desktop and mobile devices in hours not weeks.


Chrysalis: a new, cutting-edge HTML5 presentation and information app output

Allows users to create high-quality, responsive interactive presentations and information applications turning your training, product, and sales content into a self-contained information applications that you can publish on demand and distribute anywhere, to any device



An upgrade to the popular Web Help, is a responsive HTML5 version- offering clients not only advanced search options and widgets but also dynamic publishing capability.



A new print publishing engine: PDF ProCSS. This update vastly improves the speed of PDF document rendering, improving publishing times by approximately 90% for large documents (1000+ pages).