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How to Prepare Your Organization to Take Advantage of Reusable Component Authoring

Join your industry peers on Tuesday, November 7th at 10am PST/1pm EST for a thought-leading presentation on how to prepare your business to take advantage of reusable component authoring. Learn how to build the business case early, solidify top-down commitment, and align your internal change management process with implementation vendors to ensure success.


How to prepare your organization for Reusable Component Authoring

  • Start building the business case early

  • Evaluate content/clean content

  • Start building the internal team

  • Solidify top down commitment to the project

  • Partner with Author-it and EndPoint early

Demo Docuvera 

  • Author-it’s commitment to Industry through development

  • Evolution from classic

  • Show new features in Docuvera

How to successfully implement a content authoring system

  • Protect the project budget

  • Include a layer of change management

  • Create an internal user community to share and teach

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