Component Authoring Made Simple.

Standard word processor methods are inefficient and costly

In life sciences today, medical authors use word processing software to copy and paste content into new documents.  This process is incredibly inefficient and time consuming.

Authors rely on error-prone copy/paste

When content from core documents change, these updates need to be manually copied and pasted to the correct documents.

These errors can rapidly multiply

When you multiply this cumbersome process by the massive amount of life science documentation, the impact is huge.


Component authoring reuses a core set of information

Component authoring reuses lego blocks of content to assemble content into documents.  The same block of content can be reused across many documents

Component authoring maximizes efficiency

When content changes, updates to the core block of content efficiently cascades to all of the documents reusing that content. No more copy and pasting.  

Tedious manual processes are a thing of the past

No more tedious manual processes.  Just efficient document management through component authoring.


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