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Documents Trapped Your Content

The truth is, document-based systems simply aren’t an effective means of creating content in regulated industries. To understand why, think of it like this: documents are formed by content in the same way cars are built from a collection of parts. In a very time consuming manner, cars can be built painstakingly by hand with each part being manually manufactured, selected and assembled. This is similar to creating your content in a document format such as Microsoft Word.

Liberate Information with Components

Alternatively, you can build a car using a highly efficient assembly line process where the same type of parts can be used across multiple car models. This production line process is similar to developing content from reusable chunks of information called components. Like gears or pistons in a car, components are self-contained chunks of content that can be as big as several paragraphs or as small as a single word. Components are created once and can then be reused across any number of documents or outputs. If you ever need to reuse content you simply add a component to your new document. No need to copy and paste, creating multiple copies of the same information.

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