What a Year It Has Been!

Another year has passed and as we approach the holidays we would like to take this opportunity to look back and reflect on a few things. In particular, the progress we’ve made, our accomplishments, our challenges, and what this all means for the year ahead.

So to help us reflect, I sat down with Paul Trotter, Author-it Founder and CEO, to get his perspective on the past year.

  1. What have we improved for our clients?

Author-it is a solution-focused company. To deliver a solution it is critical that we understand the problems we are trying to solve. Obviously corporate level issues are paramount but we also need to consider the day to day issues that our authors, contributors and reviewers might experience as they try to accomplish their work. To this end, we have invested heavily in our design and user experience (UX) team. We have been working to make our UX more intuitive, easier to use and learn. All of this will result in a better experience for our users and faster time to productivity. Our R&D team have put in a mountain of work and the fruits of this will hit the market in 2015.

The other area of big improvement has been in our overall engagement with our clients. In many cases our clients have spent months or even years trying to understand their business issues and requirements so that they can go to market in search of a solution. Sometimes they have also invested heavily in consultants and internal resources to frame their projects.

Our Information Optimization Assessment (IOA) process is a consultative approach to our client engagements. It allows us to collaboratively work with our clients on their Content Strategy, to Explore the status quo, Analyze their workflows, processes and content and then Recommend a solution and implementation plan based on this work. This new service is a fast and efficient way for us to engage and ensure that we can deliver a successful project. We are happy to report that this has been very successful for our engagements in 2014.

The last area I want to emphasize for 2014 is Client Success. Our mission is to solve business critical problems. Providing software isn’t enough, we need to make sure it works for our clients.  This is why, within our 107% employee growth in 2014, a major emphasis was developing our Client Success Team (CST). For anyone who has not worked with our CST, this is the crew that makes sure the product is the perfect solution for you. They ensure that your implementation is smooth and continue to support you well after Author-it is rolled out within your company. To guarantee high quality of service we looked for people who have used Author-it in previous positions. Having experts with years of Author-it experience under their belts allows our CST members to interact with our clients from a customer perspective and understanding.

We asked Ralf Wittgen, our VP of Services and Client Success to give his perspective on the team. He says, “We have more than doubled the size of our Client Success Team this year. We have been relentless in our focus for developing this team and ensuring that we are able to deliver the best service for our clients”. Ralf talks more about our Client Success strategy in this video.

  1. What are the top three accomplishments of the year?

According to Paul, the company has several things to be proud of. The first is the people we brought on this year. “Bringing in lots of talented new people with deep industry expertise gives us better insight into our clients’ needs, and allows us to design and deliver content solutions targeted to their specific requirements, but all built on a common platform.”

The second accomplishment is the success of our 2nd Annual Author-it Summit. In this we have to acknowledge our team of organizers and speakers and our partners such as Veeva, Lionbridge, and Deloitte who all contributed to us holding such an exciting and informative event. We shared the stage with some amazing speakers who were able to provide viewers with cutting edge thought leadership on best practices, product features, and industry forecasts. Adriana Hernandez, our marketing pro and star organizer of the Summit says, “Our guests had a great time and we are excited to use this as the foundation of our planning for the Author-it Summit ’15, which is already underway!”

Finally, we are very excited to announce that Author-it has increased its emphasis on the Life Sciences industries of Pharma, Biotech and Med Devices. Life Sciences as a whole has more than their fair share of content issues. The highly competitive and regulated nature of the industry means that content is truly mission critical and we believe we can deliver huge value with specific component authoring solutions built on the Author-it Platform. From a near standing start the company is proud to have 4 of the top 15Life Sciences companies as clients at the end of 2014 with many more working with our team! We now have solutions in deployment for World Wide Medical Information, Medical Communications (Call Centers), Global Labeling and Global Value Dossiers (eGVD).

  1. Where does all this take us for next year?

Essentially more of the same: more growth, more focus on UX and more client success. Our focus is going to be on delivering specific user experiences built on the component authoring capabilities of the Author-it Platform. Our TechComms solution is very capable and mature now, most of the work here will be on enhancements and a new web-based authoring experience that is easier to use and more intuitive.

Our Life Sciences work will focus heavily on delivery and improvement of our Labeling, MedInfo & MedComms and eGVD solutions.

Paul comments, “It is important for the company to leave the ‘one size fits all markets’ mindset and start driving industry and solution specific user experiences”.

All of us at Author-it are proud of our clients and the solutions we provide. We are all excited about the year ahead and invite you to join us on the journey. Happy Holidays!