Visit By New Zealand Government

From left: John Bryan NZTE, Steve Davis President Author-it, Paul Stocks Deputy Chief Executive MBIE, Adam Bennett NZTE, Karla Falloon MBIE and Micaela Buckley MBIE

Author-it has always enjoyed a positive relationship with the government of our homeland, New Zealand (NZ). As a small island nation, NZ is heavily reliant on exports to fuel its economy. The NZ Government has recognized this and is very supportive of companies engaged in exporting and growing into international markets. They have set up advisory and networking services in our major markets including the US and we have been able to take advantage of this support over the years as we have built our global business.

As part of the ongoing support we have been privileged to host government officials such as the Honorable Amy Adams, Minister for Communications and IT, Peter Crisp, Chief Executive of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), and last week, Paul Stocks, Deputy Chief Executive of Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). More than mere flag waving exercises, I have always found the government visits to be valuable. The discussions are clear and honest with our contribution being the “voice of the customer”. The results for us through the years have included recruiting top Board members, advisory sessions with market, capital and HR experts, and support with events such as the Author-it Summit ’13 held in association with the NZ Government’s investment in the America’s Cup. Yes sorry to bring that one up… still hurting :).

I am excited that we are now in a position to start giving back to the programs we have been involved in. We have learned a lot of what it takes to scale a high-growth technology company in the US and Europe and it is great to have the opportunity to share some of this with the next generation of companies coming to the US. It always feels good to pay it forward.