Getting Your Plugins and Extensions

New process for submitting your Author-it Cloud plugins for review

With the launch of Author-it Cloud more than a year ago, Author-it Software Corporation took the first key steps toward the future of collaborative, fully web-based Enterprise Authoring. Many of you have joined us on this journey, but there are also some customers and partners who’ve been unable to move to Author-it Cloud due to previous restrictions on customizations such as plugins and extensions. Today, we’re announcing a new process for getting these types of customizations up and running in Author-it Cloud.

To ensure the security and data integrity of the information you’ve entrusted to us, as well as the performance of the service for all our customers, plugin and extension developers will need to submit their code for review by our development team. Once approved, our IT team will upload your plugins and extensions to the Author-it Cloud servers on your behalf.

We will of course adjust this process based on feedback from our customers and partners, improving the process as we step through the first reviews with you.