Author-it is going to Europe

Why Author-it is hitting up the largest TechComm Convention and who should care

(Look out for the surprise Dr. Seuss twist)


What is it?

Tekom and tcworld dominate the technical communication (techcomm) industry. Tekom, as the largest professional association for the industry, brings together the various companies across the globe to create industry collaboration. Tcworld, an e-magazine platform, focuses on the industry’s toughest problems in their cutting edge articles. Coming together for this annual conference, the two organizations are creating a force of opportunity for the participants, exhibitors, and speakers.


Are YOU going to the Tekom ’14 Conference?

It might be said that this is the event of the year to attend. That this is the event that anyone who is someone in the industry will be at. But who is that?

A description, Dr. Seuss-style:

Calling all Technical Communication Companies:

This conference is for people, companies, and more. It will not be a bore.

You will find companies needing solutions. You will find companies offering those solutions.

Some with software, some with services. Also with social activities, which will be fun for us!

But there is one company to put at the top of your list. It just might be one of the greatest.

Because Author-it has all the solutions you need: from authoring to publishing, all with the greatest of ease!

This year, the conference will be hosted in Stuttgart, Germany. This beautiful location will be bring in many!

So when you walk into the conference and are looking for who to meet, make sure to come to booth 2/G06, because we will be waiting for you eagerly.


When Author-it acquired Triview, a Netherlands-based company that has long solutions and expertise for technical documentation processes, its expansion was the motivator behind bringing the “One Source, One Solution” philosophy to the techcomm industry in Europe. One Source, One Solution means that once content is created, the information can be easily shared across multiple documents and departments and published to a wide range of outputs. There is a lot of opportunity for this solution-based company to remedy the various pain points that all technology-based companies are challenged by. Whether it is rigid formatting, inefficient reuse, poor localization management, or something else, Author-it provides an easy to use, end-to-end authoring solution to your eLearning & Training and Technical Publication content problems.


What are you waiting for?

Author-it is so excited to be going to Stuttgart!

Come November 11-13, 2014 there will be the best and brightest at the tcworld/tekom event. And as you can tell this event is the highlight of the year. We aren’t missing it so you shouldn’t either!

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