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The Four Stage Maturity Model

Too many companies are not fulfilling their growth potential because they are held back by content inefficiencies. Mission critical information is lost, replicated, or wrong - wasting time, resources, and money.

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Technology experts consistently predict a strong future for the SaaS model.

Content authoring, publishing and localization is particularly well suited to cloud computing, so it is feasible that some of the biggest authoring-software challenges of our time may be resolved through an integrated SaaS solution.


Lost in Translation: A Look at Localization

Whether you choose to manage translation in-house or to outsource it to an external vendor, localization can be complicated and expensive. Costs can be unpredictable and can quickly get out of control, particularly if you don't know what to expect. End this cycle and make localization easy for your entire enterprise.

Why Components? A modern Approach to the World's Content Problem

Too many knowledge workers struggle to find mission-critical information required to perform daily duties within an organization. When search & find doesn’t work, the content is recreated and stored in more silos, wasting resources, damaging the brand, and diminishing the “one” organizational message.

The solution? Components.


Component Content Management

This article will explain what content management is and how it can help your organization more efficiently write higher quality and more effective documentation, reuse and share content across documents, have strict control over standards and branding, publishing that content to print, help, and web formats, and significantly reduce the cost of localizing content.


Seven Challenges of Implementing a Content Management System

The term “double-edged sword” may have been created with content management systems in mind. On one edge, they hold great promise for organizations in terms of their ability to create and manage content that is more accurate, less costly to produce, and more consistent in appearance and message.