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Need to know how to use Author-it? We've curated a vast library of tutorials to help our clients author and manage projects within our environment. Just select one of the categories below to get started.


Understanding Author-it


Main Roles in Author-it

Author, Designer and Administrator.

9:59 min

Exploring the Library

The repository of all your contents.

9:48 min

Managing the Folder Structure

Organize content and apply different security permissions.

10:06 min


Exploring the Library Objects

Explore the different types of Object used in the Author-it Library.

10.16 min

Blueprint of an Object

Set up the main properties of an Object.

9:49 min

Publishing in Different Outputs

Specify the relevant options for each Output Tab.

3:30 min


Using the Templates

Ensure consistency and save authoring time.

6:10 min




Structuring Content in Books

Create the sequence and hierarchy required for your Output.

14:39 min

Pointing the Book to the Required Object

Books are markers to Objects in your Library.

3:11 min


Demonstration in Author-it


Exploring the Author-it Interface

Become familiar with the working environment.

5:24 min

Customizing Author-it Options

Configure Author-it after the installation.

9:46 min

Exploring Ribbons

Become familiar with all Author-it commands.

2:23 min


Exploring the Folder Pane

Create, Edit and Move each Folder according to your needs.

5:08 min

Searching Content in Author-it

Learn how to use the Search Pane.

5:45 min

Publishing Pane

Publish multiple Books simultaneously and manage the publishing history.

3:01 min


Objects List Area

List and preview the Folder content.

2:54 min

Getting Help

How to get further information on using Author-it.

3:23 min


Topic Objects


Creating your Content

Create, format and store your text in Topic Objects.

10:03 min

Editing Controls

Use the controls in the Edit Ribbon to edit your Topic.

10:40 min


Author-it Objects


File Objects

Use File objects to embed or link to graphics, OLE objects, or other external files.

4.51 min

Embedded and Linked Graphics

Different approaches to using graphics in Author-it.

12:05 min

Inserting Graphic into Topic

Learn how to use graphics in topics.

5:30 min


Hyperlink Text Objects



Link to topics, URLs and external files.

5:59 min

Connecting Topic to Topic

Create link between topics.

4:22 min

Linking to URLs and Emails

Create links to email addresses and generic URLs.

3:50 min


Publishing Books with HL Objects

View a demonstration on output containing hypertext links.

5:42 min


Special Objects


Creating the Title Page Objects

Customize the cover of your printing output.

12:43 min

Creating the Table of Contents

Learn how to include the Table of Contents in your outputs.

7:18 min

Creating the Table of Figures

Help your readers to find the document figures quickly.

7:25 min


Creating the Glossary

Organize specific terms and their definitions into an alphabetical list.

7:18 min

Creating Index and Index Entry

Learn how to include and customize the Index in your outputs.

10:01 min


Author-it Reuse Features



Reuse your content and minimize your technical writing.

3:57 min

Reusing Content in Multiple Books

Include your content in more than one Book, customizing each Book for different audience and purpose.

3:38 min

Using Auto Headings

Let Author-it determine the correct heading level for each topic, based on its hierarchy in the book.

2:38 min


Using "Include Object In" Check Box

Include or exclude specific content from specific outputs.

7:35 min

Embedding Topics

Use the embed function to reuse topic content from an updateable single source.

12:49 min

Placing Books inside Books

Simplify the publishing of different versions of books for different outputs.

10:26 min


Using Variables

Become confident with place holders for text and graphics that will be inserted at the time of publication.

14:58 min

Publishing Profiles

Publish your content based on the actual deliverable rather than the output type .

15:10 min


Author-it Review


Introducing Review

What Review is and how it can revolutionize your content review.

5:12 min

Setting up release states for the Review workflow

Properly setting up release states in Author-it Administrator to control the Reviewer workflow.

2:10 min

Setting up permissions for Reviewer

Assigning permissions to users who will be reviewing and editing content within Review.

1:46 min


Setting Up History Settings

Enabling users to open Reviewer from within Author-it Editor’s History window.

1:47 min

Changing the release state of topics to be reviewed

Deciding which content has to be reviewed and changing its release state accordingly.

1:13 min

Starting a new review

Selecting the content to be reviewed, the deadline, and the review participants.

3:42 min


Setting up User settings in Reviewer

Defining your email address for Reviewer notifications and defining the styles that will be applied to your suggestions.

1:13 min

Reviewing content from the reviewer’s point of view

Inserting new content or replacing content, suggesting deletions, making comments.

0:55 min

Reviewing content from the coordinator’s point of view

Accepting or rejecting suggested changes and moving the review to the editorial phase, marking it as completed.

1:55 min


Adding topics to an on-going review

Adding content to an active review.

1:48 min

Finalizing the review within Author-it Live

Logging in Author-it Live to accept or reject all suggestions and finalize the review.

2:16 min


Managing Objects & Importing


Managing Objects

Release States, Version Control, Object Variants, Edit History, Using Variables as Metadata and Variants.

1.54 min

Assigning Release States

Become familiar with Release States.

5:22 min

Managing Release States

Define your own release states to suit your production environment.

11:36 min


Using Version Control

Create multiple versions of the same object to customize your output.

12:21 min

Using Object Variants

Create multiple variations of a document based on different criteria.

12:56 min

How Variants Work

Become familiar with variants.

5:37 min


Editing History

See the changes made to an object over time.

8:06 min


Importing Content into Author-it


Overview and Properties

When to import and what you can import into Author-it.

8:06 min

Understanding the Importing Rules

“Apply Author-it Style”, “Find/Replace Text” and “Create Topic in Document”.

10:47 min

Importing Process

Learn how the Author-it Importer functions.

9:43 min


Templates and Media Objects



Manage object properties and output formatting.

2:24 min

Using Book Object Templates

Automatically include objects in books and control your publishing appearance.

14:13 min

Using Topic Object Templates

Control the main characteristics of your Topic Object.

7:20 min


Creating a Section Starting Template

View a demonstration on how to create a Section Starting Template.

5:56 min

Using File Object Templates

Define the output properties such as the inclusion of a specific graphic in a print document but not in an online format.

10:04 min

Working with Media Objects

Ensure consistency in formatting and save time with Media Objects.

11:54 min


Creating a New Media Object

View a demonstration on how to create a new Media Object.

3:51 min

Using Related Topics

Let your users know what they can expect to find in a chapter or section, and help them find related information.

10:21 min


Customizing Output & Administrator


Customizing Print Output

Produce outputs with different appearance using the same content.

7:32 min

Relationship to Word Publishing Template

Understand the relationship between Author-it and the Word Template.

3:31 min

Working with Style Objects

Understand the properties of the Style Object.

7:48 min


Setting Up a Style

Define formatting in Author-it and map the style to your Word Template.

12:13 min

Publishing Using New Styles

Add new styles to the Word Template.

6:22 min

Headers and Footers

Add Headers and Footers to the Word Template.

14:36 min


Accessing the Templates Folder

Explore the default set of Templates provided by Author-it.

3:13 min


Customizing HTML Output



Discover what you can customize in your HTML Output.

1:59 min

Modifying the Frame Set

Change the existing code or write your own from scratch.

5:16 min

Modifying the Page Format

Change the related Media Object according to your requirements or create a Custom Page Template.

12:09 min


Modifying the Navigation Tabs

Use different graphics and link to specific pages.

4:30 min

Modifying the Related Topic Groups

Change the heading and decide which topics have to be listed under it.

10:46 min


Administration Module


Logging & Inserting License Number

The first steps to follow after creating a new Author-it library.

5:15 min

Exploring the Security Tab

Configure users, groups and permissions.

15:08 min

Setting Password and Changing Rights

Watch a small demonstration on what users can and can’t do depending on the permissions they own.

6:36 min


Managing Release States

Create, delete and edit the Release States used in Author-it.

7:07 min

Creating a Test Library

Use a Jet Library to perform all your testing and easily delete it when required.

5:58 min

Using the Reports Tab

Retrieve a list of all the objects in the library that map to a file placed outside the database.

2:36 min


Exploring the Settings Tab

Edit history options and other general settings.

11:38 min


Author-it Aspect & Localization Manager


Introducing Author-it Aspect

What is Author-it Aspect and how it can help you and your business.

3:03 min

Understanding Aspect workflow

Follow a few easy steps to start using Author-it Aspect.

2:23 min

Introducing Aspect Administrator

Become familiar with the Administrator module.

2:34 min


Creating content for Aspect: Books

Configure Aspect Books settings.

1:24 min

Creating content for Aspect: Topics

Use Variables and Variants to filter your content.

3:15 min

Publishing to Aspect: Overview

Follow a few easy steps and best practices to publish your content.

2:00 min


Aspect from the end-user’s point of view

View an example of a website developed with Aspect.

1:26 min

Planning your Aspect website

Plan out the site map, specify variables and variants for filtering and more.

2:30 min



Working with Author-it Aspect


Setting up Aspect Administrator

Explore and setup each section of Aspect Administrator.

9:20 min

Publishing to Aspect

Configure Book settings and publish them to your Aspect website.

12:12 min

Editing Aspect website content

Choose between Author-it Editor or Author-it Live as the best program to edit your Aspect website content.

4:51 min


Localization Manager


Introducing to the Localization Process

Get an overview of the localization process and how it leads to multiple translations of your source library.

3:59 min

Optimizing the Localization workflow

Learn how to use release states for your Localization workflow.

7:58 min

Creating locales

Select translatable content from the source library.

7:18 min


Creating target libraries

Import the content from the source library into a locale to start the translation process.

7:43 min


Best Practices


Points to consider before starting with LM

Some points to keep in mind for best use of Author-it Localization Manager.
2:09 min