Training & eLearning Solutions

In today’s modern workplace, businesses across the globe are realizing the benefits of eLearning. The old tried and true methods of instruction-led models for Learning and Development are outdated, and simply aren’t as effective as online training platforms. With benefits such as learner engagement, agility, scalability and cost effectiveness, why go old school with your L&D method?

Author-it Cloud understands the challenges that older models present for modern companies.

That’s why we developed Honeycomb - a responsive HTML5 content product for eLearning, mobile-learning, micro-learning and assessments.

Our Training & eLearning structured authoring platform allows you to create and manage content as objects which can be dragged and dropped into as many course structures as you need. These objects are output-independent and our solution creates all training modalities from a single course structure, including eLearning for any SCORM LMS, Salesforce®, SharePoint® and more.

The results are engaging, responsive and easy to use.

Discover the benefits that Author-it Cloud’s eLearning & Training products can bring to your organization. Reach out to us today.