Philips Personal Health: How Author-it & Lionbridge increased efficiency & Reduced costs

Achieved 188% Value in 2018

The translation and localization process can be complicated. A non-optimized process can have negative implications on quality, speed, and efficiency. Philips Personal Health, a division of Philips Global, struggled with these very factors in the creation, translation, and publication process of its Directions for Use (DFUs). Read the report to find out how Author-it & Lionbridge teamed up to achieve Philips’ goal of making the overall DFU creation process 25% more efficient.

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HNZ: How a leading international transportation provider increased global efficiency by moving to Author-it.

By moving from a document based content system to Author-it’s component authoring, content management, reuse and publishing platform, HNZ reduced content creation time by 90%, centralized their content management, reduced risks and increased global operational efficiency, leading to a profitable acquisition. Find out how.


Consumer Products Manufacturer: Global Consumer Products Company

This consumer products giant is one of the largest global players in development, manufacturing, delivery and sale of consumer products. Its unique competitive advantage is the combination of a powerful global brand, insightful understanding of people, channel partner synergy and extraordinary competence in technology and design.

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Technology: Global Technology Company

This global technology company provides one of the tech world’s most comprehensive portfolios of hardware, software and services, and wants to be “it” when it comes to IT. Products include PCs, servers, storage devices, printers and networking equipment.


Technology: Global Technology Company

This organization is an IT management software and solutions company with deep expertise across all IT environments - from mainframe and distributed, to virtual and cloud. Their solutions enable customers to manage and secure IT environments, delivering more flexible IT services to the businesses faster.


Technology: Global Technology Company

You won’t find many companies listed in the dictionary as a verb. But this globally recognized household name, once self-styled as “The Document Company,” has grown from offering multi-functional document machines to becoming a leading outsourcer of business processes (BPO).


Technology: Global Manufacturing and Technology Company

This company is one of the world’s largest industrial automation companies, serving the automotive, food and beverage (including dairy), personal care, life sciences, oil and gas, mining, and paper and pulp industries.

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If your heart has trouble catching the beat, this organization has rhythm to spare. The company’s main products are pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs), both of which use electrical impulses to shock irregularly beating hearts back into rhythm.

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This organization produces an array of medical equipment for disease diagnosis, treatment, and management. The company has been dumping noncore businesses while acquiring and forming JVs in its fast-growing business including healthcare. They have been aggressively expanding in developing markets generating about one-third of its sales