Author-it and EndPoint Technologies Form Strategic Partnership to benefit Medical Affairs industry

For Immediate Release: Author-it Software Corporation PO BOX 21169 Seattle, WA 98111-3169
Contact: George Di Lella, Vice President Life Science Sales, 908-581-6767,

April 21, 2017 03:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time

MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE) - Author-it Software Corporation (ASC), a world leader in component authoring solutions, and EndPoint Technologies, a specialty consulting firm focused on Medical Affairs in the life science industry, have formed a strategic partnership to expand the availability and utilization of component authoring technology in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
“The industry struggles with disjointed systems, inefficiencies, human errors, low visibility and the high costs of managing the lifecycle of medical, clinical and regulatory information,” said Brian Nace, Sr. Vice President, Client Success and Sales at Author-it.  “Instead of managing documents containing untold amounts of replicated information, what if you could manage the information itself as discrete components? That’s the vision of reusable component authoring. With Author-it’s vision of creating a platform of reusable components for Life Sciences, EndPoint will prove to be a key partner as they have the experience, comprehensive technology and business consulting services in the Medical Affairs industry. Author-it is pleased to be partnering with EndPoint’s industry experts to create a strategic direction for reusable component authoring in life science organizations.”
Joe Pierce, Founder of EndPoint, stated, “While EndPoint has extensive experience in medical information solutions and broad relationships in the industry, Author-it has a unique and valuable solution solving a very real problem in content management. EndPoint looks for not only new technology solutions to add to our portfolio, but solutions that provide real value and return on investment for our clients. EndPoint is excited to be working with Author-it to greatly expand the exposure and utilization of this necessary technology.”
The medical information business process requires the creation, management and significant use of medical content in many forms. ASC technology enables the efficient authoring, sharing and reuse of information across several content types. Reuse of information drives massive process and content production improvements including increased productivity, reduced time to market, better accuracy and consistency, improved customer experience and substantial cost savings. The timely, strategic partnership with EndPoint technologies — whose experience and expertise in Medical Affairs information technology gives them intimate knowledge of that industry’s unique needs — will open new avenues and applications for ASC’s component authoring technology, and new solutions for EndPoint’s global pharmaceutical and biotech clients. 
About EndPoint Technologies: EndPoint Technologies is dedicated to providing comprehensive technology and business consulting services to life science organizations. Specializing in Medical Affairs in pharmaceutical and biotech companies, EndPoint provides insight and assistance with the process of selecting and implementing new technology, especially solutions related to data privacy. EndPoint also provides systems management, maintenance and support on a number of widely used software solutions. For more information on EndPoint Technologies, visit
About Author-it Software Corporation: ASC is changing the way the world works with complex business information. While other solutions such as financial applications or supply chain management have evolved into database driven enterprise applications, documentation has languished. Author-it solves this by centralizing the content creation process, writing in components, and storing the pure content information in a database. This innovation drives information reuse for the entire company. Author-it supports the assembly and generation of this information into various documents to be published to an array of outputs. Author-it can be used to improve efficiency and productivity for any documentation in Pharma & Biotech, Medtech, and High Tech & Manufacturing. For more information on Author-it, visit