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Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington, New Zealand

Our Mission

Author-it Software Corporation is a world leader in cloud-based component authoring solutions for collaborative content development and multi-channel publishing. With over 20 years of experience, our platform enables organizations across the globe to efficiently and effectively author, share, and reuse information across multiple forms of content for critical business needs. With innovative enterprise solutions that support common industry standards in Documentation, Training & eLearning, and SOPs, we help businesses streamline their content processes through increased productivity, better accuracy, improved customer experience, tighter compliance, substantial cost savings, and positive impact on revenue.

Author-it Software helps you bring content to life.

Our Story

Author-it Software is changing the way the world works with complex business information. While other solutions such as financial applications or supply chain management have evolved into database driven enterprise applications, documentation has languished in the stone-age, still essentially replicating the typewriter. This has caused a myriad of content issues across the world’s enterprises that result in 20 hours of lost productivity per week for every information worker.

Author-it solves these problems by centralizing the content creation process, writing in components, and storing the pure content information in a database. This innovation drives information reuse for the entire company. Author-it supports the assembly and generation of this information into various documents to be published to an array of outputs.  Author-it can be used to improve efficiency and productivity for any documentation in Pharma & Biotech, Medtech, Technical Publications and Training & eLearning.

Author-it is based in Wellington, New Zealand and has offices in Seattle, WA and Soest, Netherlands. Author-it has been recognized through numerous industry awards including the Deloitte Fast 50 and 500 and the Westpac Business Excellence awards.

You're In Good Company

Author-it clients report a doubling of author productivity, experience faster document release cycles, and a large reduction in the cost of translating content for global markets.