Pharma & Biotech

I need to improve time-to-market, adapt to evolving regulatory requirements and ensure patient safety.


I need to be agile in my product development to keep up with evolving market and regulatory demands.


I need to shorten my product lifecycles and ensure information is consistent and up-to-date throughout the company across all languages.

BMS’s Vision for Content Reuse Across the Enterprise

Donna Beccaria – Executive Director, WW Medical Content at Bristol-Myers Squibb

How many times have you thought… Wouldn’t it be great if we had a centralized function to ensure consistent content, launch effectiveness, and the efficiency to meet the information needs of our customers? Donna Beccaria, an industry leading innovative executive and respected    colleague, will present how BMS is providing new medical information to customers, addressing time-to-market challenges and handling multi-channel publication; globally.


Why Author-it?

Author-it solutions are cloud-based, purpose-built for the life sciences industry and its specific applications.
They make use of the underlying platform capability of Author-it and are delivered via user experiences specialized for the problems they solve.

Break Content Silos with Information Reuse

Help your team work smarter, not harder.


Mergers and Acquisitions

Lower Labor Costs

Component Content Management

Content Importing

Authoring and Content Reuse

Workflow Tools

Real-time Collaborative Reviewing

Dynamic Publishing

Multi-channel Publishing

Translation and Localization

Security and Administration

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