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Medical information call centers are staffed by highly educated healthcare professionals, who are at the front line in addressing medical information requests. HCP requests, often addressed by ‘Standard Responses’, are almost limitless in scope and can include drug efficacy, adverse events, safety questions, clinical studies, and drug stability/storage information. However, the potential permutations mean that ‘Custom Responses’ may be required. Custom Responses are time-consuming to produce requiring the call center agent to search for the relevant information and ‘cobble’ together the Custom Response from approved medical information. This can literally take hours, resulting in long turn around times, poor drug and brand perception, and poor customer experience.


Author-it MedwoRX™ Call Center is a cloud based component authoring solution that enables the sharing and reuse of content across any number of standard and custom responses. This solution is fully integrated with Veeva Vault® and Salesforce Service Cloud® to support the efficient development, management and publishing to Veeva Vault of Standard Responses.

The integration with Salesforce Service Cloud allows Life Sciences call center agents to efficiently develop, approve and deliver Custom Responses streamlining the process from hours to minutes. Infield testing has shown an 86% reduction in the time to develop Custom Responses by allowing call center agents to assemble responses from already approved components. Complete audit trails provide the required compliance. Combined, this end-to-end solution increases medical writing and call center efficiency, increases the timeliness of responses, improves customer experience, and reduces errors and regulatory risks.



  • 86% reduction in call center response times Utilize a centralized database to easily find and track content for reuse.
  • Improved HCP and patient experience Disseminate accurate information to patients faster with an intuitive user interface improving HCP processes.
  • Lower call center and content development costs Improve development processes for Custom Responses, dramatically reducing infrastructure costs.
  • More consistent content, reduced regulatory issues and risk Reduce errors and costs incurred from disciplinary actions, with consistent content management across all channels.

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