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As a global function within Medical Affairs, Medical Information is used to disseminate trusted clinical and scientific information on drugs and medical devices to Healthcare Professionals (HCP), patients and government regulatory entities.


Content is distributed through multiple medical information products such as standard responses, FAQs, dossiers, fair balance statements and presentation/speaker decks across a spectrum of delivery channels. The accuracy of these information products is crucial to ensure message consistency and regulatory compliance. Changing regulatory standards and geographic localization challenges introduce significant risk, errors and threats of omission to content that historically can only be addressed by complex authoring processes.


Author-it MedwoRX™ is a component-based authoring solution that facilitates information reuse and ensures consistency and accuracy across all medical information products. This component-based approach allows changes to be made once and be automatically replicated throughout the document library. Provided with a clear audit trail, version control issues are eliminated. Coupled with the ability to reuse information across departmental silos, Author-it improves productivity, reduces time-to-market and facilitates collaboration and review—improving the quality of delivered content.

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  • Improve response times and customer experience   Disseminate accurate information to patients faster with an intuitive user interface improving HCP processes.
  • Deliver through multiple channels   Use publishing profiles to propagate the same approved message to multiple audiences in multiple forms.
  • Guarantee consistency and accuracy   Ensure that information changes are reflected across the entire library of medical information products.
  • Reduce regulatory risk   Create clear audit trails throughout the development, review and approval of medical information.

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