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Components: Solving the Content Problem

In the Life Sciences well-managed content is critical to the production of new drugs and medical devices. But all this content represents a large, complex mass of information. How do you ensure that the right information is consistently used in the right places? With Author-it, the answer is through the use of content components.


By the time a new drug hits the market, billions have been invested in research, development, manufacturing process, medical communications and regulatory approvals. A significant portion of this huge investment is represented as content. The complexity and volume of content is such that outdated document based methods are not able to guarantee content will be free of errors, omissions, or inconsistencies. These issues can result in damage to brand, regulatory action or fines, production delays or negative impacts on patient safety. The cost can amount to billions.


Author-it component authoring solutions enable the sharing and reusing of content across a number of document sets represented in the drug production life cycle. Reuse of content drives massive process and content production improvements which reduce the risk of errors and omissions and therefore reduce regulatory risk. Reuse improves productivity, reducing time to market, improving Health Care Professional (HCP) experience and delivering substantial cost savings. Author-it solutions are purpose built for the life sciences industry and the specific application. They make use of the underlying platform capability of Author-it and are delivered via user experiences specialized for the problems they solve. Each user experience has been built in collaboration with our clients and collectively they are the culmination of more than 15 years component authoring solution experience.


Author-it MedwoRX™  

Rapidly design, build and deliver medical information across all communication channels.

Author-it MedwoRX™ Call Center 

Deliver fast, accurate Standard and Custom Responses while improving medical writer productivity and reducing call center costs.

Author-it Global Labeling™ 

Improve labeling content accuracy and consistency, reducing risk of errors and regulatory compliance issues.



  • One source of truth Easily find and track content, revisions, and documents utilizing a centralized database to manage medical content across multiple channels.
  • Component-based authoring Efficiently manage and develop content workflows for content authoring, review, management and translation.
  • Translation Seamlessly integrate with existing localization processes and translation for faster time to market.
  • Real-time collaboration Collaborate within the entire content development life-cycle, reducing production time and improving quality.