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Instructions for Use | Labeling For Medical Devices



Medical Technology companies are under heavy scrutiny to develop precise Instructions for Use (IFU). IFUs inform the user of the medical device’s intended purpose, its proper use, and the necessary precautions. They are targeted at anyone who comes in contact with the device, be it healthcare professionals, the public, or others. Market pressures and regulatory requirements mean that Medical Device companies need to deliver their products and IFUs faster, at lower costs, to global markets all while ensuring patient safety.


Author-it MedTech IFU is the modern, component based successor to outdated document based or complex XML systems. It's core functions are founded on the re-use and single source production of component-based content. The ability to re-use content across multiple device models reduces costs by an industry leading 80% while maintaining compliant and accurate information. With Author-it MedTech IFU, publishing can be done to any output be it print, online or embedded within a medical device.



  • Operational efficiency Increase your information and data utilization while reducing operational costs through consolidation and re-use.
  • Reduce Localization costs Ensure you only translate updated content.
  • Increased automation Manage documentation efficiently by using automated workflows, templates, and branding.
  • Speed to market Reduce time-to-market by streamlining documentation processes.

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Case Study

Manufacturer: Global Consumer Products Company

Case Study

Medical Device Manufacturer simplifies the R&D process