Medical Technology is an umbrella industry that encompasses medical devices and high tech healthcare products. These products are on the cutting edge of innovation. However, strict regulatory requirements hold companies back from getting their products to market in a timely manner. This balance between driving innovation and maintaining regulatory compliance is a constant struggle for Med Tech companies.


Author-it component authoring solutions enable the sharing and re-using of content across a number of document sets represented in the drug/device production life cycle. Author-it Med Tech is the complete solution for Med Tech companies to maintain compliance while speeding time-to-market. Author-it's component-based authoring platform enables the reuse of content across any number of mission critical documents, be it instructions for use, medical device labels, or training materials. Critical information that is locked in content silos is easily accessed through this platform. By re-using compliant and up to date information, productivity is accelerated, reducing time-to-market and lowering risk of errors and omissions. Author-it solutions are purpose built for the Med Tech industry and are delivered via specialized user experience. Each user experience has been designed in collaboration with our clients.

Instructions for Use (IFU) 

Create accurate and consistent information for medical devices, IFUs, product manuals, and online knowledge bases. 

Labeling for Medical Devices

Re-use content, reduce translation costs, and increase content consistency while meeting regulatory compliance standards.

med device


  • End to End integrated solution delivered on the Cloud
  • Real Time collaboration by teams around the world
  • Component-based content authoring, review, management and translation
  • One Source of the truth
  • Translation at faster and lower cost
  • Deliver consistent content to internal and customer facing operations