Author-it Honeycomb is a responsive HTML5 content product for elearning, mobile-learning, micro-learning, and assessments.

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Leverage the power of your existing documentation and create responsive HTML5 eLearning/mobile training materials

  • Leverage your existing internal documentation to easily create, manage and publish high-quality, interactive HTML5, self-paced learning material
  • Easily turn Microsoft Word documents into interactive, eLearning courses and assessments
  • Deliver a full curriculum, or micro-learning opportunities for a specific task or goal
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Deliver Training in the format users want

  • Staff and clients access responsive training materials online via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Training can be accessed at the time and place of the learner’s choosing using a standard web server or an LMS/LRS
  • Easily assign content interactions and assessments for quick navigation of engaging, HTML5 eLearning material

Standardize the Quality of your educational content

  • Access powerful templates to ensure high standards and consistency across all devices
  • Import wizard corrects inconsistencies in the original document but structure remains intact
  • Apply structure and template controls so interactions aid the learner to get the information they need
  • Provide intuitive cloud-based collaboration for SMEs to contribute and review in realtime
  • Manage all source material in one place, then preview, import and publish via various outputs
  • Utilize built in translation and localization to automate multi-lingual training delivery
  • Supports SCORM, Tin Can/xAPI

Reduce the time and effort required to deliver quality training

  • Author-it Honeycomb delivers your training to those who need it, when they need it, where they need it
  • Easily update entire libraries of training material with a few clicks
  • Publish high quality learning content in hours rather than weeks
  • Improve productivity and reduce costs for collaboration between documentation and eLearning teams
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Become an industry pioneer by working with an industry pioneer

  • Work with an industry pioneer for over a decade trusted by more than 500 clients around the globe
  • Fortune 100 organizations trust us to drive down production costs, reduce time to market and increase revenues
  • Use eLearning and mLearning to grow your business, and turn your content into a revenue producing asset

Want to make the most of increase the value of your current documentation and training material? Contact us today to see a Demo of your content in Author-it Honeycomb!