Author-it Honeycomb is a responsive HTML5 content product for elearning, mobile-learning, micro-learning, and assessments.

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Leverage the power of your existing documentation

Create responsive HTML5 elearning/mobile learning output from existing content

Even as you read this paragraph, your business is generating information. Information that your team and your customers need. How can you best get this information to them in the most cost-effective and timely manner? How can you be sure that you have an LCMS (learning content management system) that delivers where and when you most need it?

With Author-it Honeycomb you have the option to take existing internal documentation (such as technical documentation and operating procedures) and easily transform it into interactive HTML5 self-paced training materials, that can be accessed online via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Whether you need to deliver a full curriculum or micro-learning opportunities, Honeycomb will ensure you deliver what the user needs. 

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Deliver training in the format users want

Use eLearning and mLearning to grow your business

The people you are training are busy people, and are looking for training that they can access at the time and place of their choosing. Today this means ensuring that all training is available online and on mobile. And that the LMS (learning management system) you use is set up so that students can pick up the training, put it down and dive back in when their schedules allow.

Author-it Honeycomb uses responsive HTML5 to create and deliver interactive self-paced training modules that users can access online and via mobile. The microlearning opportunities within the product are limited only by your teams’ creativity. 


Standardize the quality of your educational content

Access powerful templates to ensure that all your training is delivered to the same high standard

Some people are great training content writers and some are great training content designers. When the great content designers create templates within Author-it Honeycomb, all your writers will be delivering to the same high corporate standards


Reduce the time and effort required to deliver quality training

Use a product that will bring your training to those who need it, in the most timely manner

You’re probably aware of the value of creating great learning content, but you’ll also be aware of the high costs and the time it takes. This is why many companies outsource the production of training materials, but later find that updating these trainings becomes impossible.

With Author-it Honeycomb you can create and publish high quality learning content in hours, rather than weeks. The training can be updated as required with just a few clicks. And because you’re using the Author-it system, translation and localization capabilities are built into the product. 


Become an industry pioneer by working with an industry pioneer

Your employees, partners and the world need to know what you know

Author-it has been an industry pioneer for over a decade and is trusted by more than 500 clients around the globe for their content development and publishing requirements. A number of

Fortune 100 organizations chose us to drive down production costs, reduce time to market, and increase revenues.

This is what makes us confident that our platform, and Honeycomb as part of it, can make a massive difference in the way you do business as well. Make the best of the information you already have anyway - click below to contact our team and get a customized offer!