Consulting Partners

Author-it has strategically aligned themselves
with the following Consulting partners to complement
and strengthen our current portfolio of solutions.


Author-it Preferred Implementation Partner

TransAccel Group

IT, shared service, and change experts: uniquely different, collectively strong.

Our combined expertise encompasses all aspects of IT and shared services, from strategy development to realization, planning to execution, building to deploying—and proactively managing the change along the way.

OneSource Regulatory

OneSource Regulatory, OSR, is a leader in providing expertise in Regulatory/Medical and Compliance Solutions for life science companies. Utilizing expertise from decades of proven industry experience, OSR provides

unmatched regulatory and medical promotional review services, system design as well as strategic and tactical development of drug product labeling.  OSR also has a rich history of providing exemplary compliance solutions - providing the monitoring and reporting necessary for compliant product growth.  We are the first in our industry with this type of focus. 

TriRadial Solutions

TriRadial Solutions is a consulting company committed to helping Life Sciences companies mobilize for rapid growth through innovative people, process and technology solutions. We diagnose current capabilities, develop growth strategies and design new operating models to transform your business for long-term success. With specific concentration on Clinical Development, Regulatory Affairs and Medical Affairs, we work closely with our clients to develop implementable strategies and practical solutions that are grounded in reality. Our blended teams of management consultants and seasoned industry experts bring relevant perspectives regarding emerging trends across the industry, what works and what doesn’t for specific solutions and how to successfully implement transformational changes.


Syrinx Consulting Corp. is an IT consulting and software development firm that delivers easy-to-use .Net and SharePoint applications, IT resources and training to mid-market and enterprise organizations in the financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and AEC industries. A Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, Syrinx designs, builds and maintains large-scale collaborative applications and Web sites for faster time to market, reduced organizational costs and business advantage. The company is trusted for its roster of consistently high-quality developers and architects who work on site, delivering projects on time and within budget. Founded in 1998, Syrinx is based in Waltham, MA and has been recognized on the Boston Business Journal’s lists of the area’s "Largest IT Consulting Firms" and "Fastest Growing Companies" and the "Inc. 5000" lists for three years.


Fracture Media Syndicate is an Adobe Flash/Flex development company that delivers complex Adobe applications, online or offline, in Flash and AIR.

Fracture Media Syndicate developed the Fracture Engine, an Adobe Flex addition to the Author-it multi-channel publishing engine to create AIR, ActionScript and Flash applications for interactive multi-lingual content delivery on the web, in CDRoms, from the desktop, and embedded in handheld and consumer devices.

As SXSW (South By SouthWest) award winners in the Interactive Business Application category, Fracture Media Syndicate demonstrate the high quality design expected in the interactive Flash market combined with cutting edge technical skills to scope, test and deliver business applications to solve commercial requirements.


Eurofield Information Solutions developed the revolutionary electronic reference publishing technology called eComPress. The eComPress Publisher Toolkit creates powerful secure reference publications from Word, DITA or XML data that can be efficiently delivered and updated on-line, for users to search and annotate electronically off-line. eComPress provides an easy-to-use, secure built-in viewer with permanently compressed and encrypted content, and a search facility that is extremely fast and supported by logical & wildcard searching to produce relevant results. The search facility enables the user to quickly find the information they need from very large operational and service manuals, standards and statutory libraries. It also incorporates an eComPress Notes annotation facility that provides a permanent repository for corporate and personal IP, and a framework for users to collaborate whilst they use the publications. Unlike PDF, it comes complete with a small secure built-in viewer that is always compatible with the content, the search results are displayed in context and the annotations can be shared selectively with other users so they can Collaborate in Context in a manner not provided by other technologies.

Author your publications with Author-it, and securely sell and deliver them to the world with eComPress!


Augen Software Group is a foundation member of the Author-it developer community, having developed third party Author-it integration's, Author-it Publishing modules, and reporting and data controls for the Author-it content management system (CMS).

Augen Software Group is a midsize multinational service provider and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with a comprehensive range of software consultancy services. Since inception in 1993 Augen Software Group has delivered hundreds of projects spanning a diverse range of industries and types of business systems.

Augen Software Group can assist in the integration or customization of your Author-it solution using the Author-it SDK (SDK) on Windows and Web.